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July 6th 2003 -

Cum Straight Up

From the limo to the VIP spot the crew wait in no lines. With the Hunter around, every girl in the bumping club is prey. He catches one by herself. She likes her...

Starring: AshleyHunter

July 6th 2003 -

Rack Em Up

After a hard days work all I want to do is kick back with a cold one and chill, but... if there is still a MILF floating around with no cock to suck, Im enticed...

Starring: HunterKiana

July 6th 2003 -

Emotional Coaster

Nicole and I were sitting at the food court at a local amusement park, and saw this cute girl pass by. She looked really sad. We called her over and she mentioned...

Starring: JennyKaseyNicole

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July 3rd 2003 -

Hot action from the lovely Julie!

Hot all orifice action from the lovely Julie! Julie is one of the few chicks whose brown bud is well known to be pink! How do you know? Because you like nothing...

Starring: Julie Silver

June 8th 2003 - Mike'

Perfect Snatch

Cristina wasstraight up off the meter. this girl was so fine i thoughti had died and gone to heaver..or at least the redlight district.what a face and body this...

Starring: Cristina BellaTony

March 18th 2010 -

Candi The Cock Fiend

Candi Dreamz, Candi Dreamz Candi Dreamz! This adorable 19 year old hottie has ass for days. Its round and firm with perfect natural titties to match. She bragged...

Starring: Candi Dreamz

June 3rd 2003 -

Mouth For Hire

just lookin to get a bite to eat when i see this girl sitting all by herself reading the newspaper. i thought she might like some company so i went over to talk...

Starring: BobJackie

August 11th 2014 -

Sneaking in for a good fuck

This blonde slut should have known better leaving her hotel room door open in Miami was a bad idea. Now we got her purse and her money too and she's willing to do...

Starring: Skyler

June 1st 2003 -

Pounder Dogs

What a stroke of look we had this saturday. We were just cruising the strip when this hottie latina came popping out of this bikini store. She had the sexiest body...

Starring: BobLaora

June 1st 2003 -

Kissed Ass

This was one super hot day! Lila is possibly the hottest little cutie ive had in a couple weeks! I really loved seeing that ass up in the air! Whats the odds of...

Starring: Lila

June 1st 2003 - Mike'

Rocket Returns

Kari wasquite the nice surprise. she called me about the adin the paper and i told her to come by. she had blondehair and an awesome tan. two huge pluses in my book....

Starring: Kari

June 1st 2003 -

Sunshower Strange

Memorial Day weekend really gave me something to remember! I met Colleen, a bad ass blonde with a great, big ass, while we were walking the strip. I saw her trying...

Starring: ColleenHunter